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  • BS at University of Nebraska- Lincoln

  • MS at Kansas University Medical Center

  • Dietetic internship at Kansas University Medical Center

  • Speciality training in Functional Medicine at KU Integrative Medicine Clinic

  • Certified LEAP Therapist

  • Ongoing training, conferences and courses

I specialize in helping women optimize their health & hormones by finding the root cause to their symptoms. I run a virtual private practice and am the co-creator of Her Hormones Academy.


I’ve had the pleasure to learn through years of working with clients 1-on-1, speaking at professional conferences, writing a chapter of a textbook for Integrative Dietitians, interviewing for numerous podcasts, contributing content for online programs and writing blogs for various brands. I love teaching go-getters & helping people take the lead in their health!


I caught the health bug from my dad at an early age and began studying nutrition in college. I was practicing everything I was learning but at age 20, I developed guttate psoriasis (a scaly skin condition - google image if you dare). It essentially covered my entire body except for my face. The condition is obvious from a physical standpoint, but wrecked me emotionally. 


After two years of doctors, dermatologists, and different medications, I had had enough! I was not myself and found that it was affecting my relationships (with people and food) and it definitely took a toll on my self-esteem. Medically, the next step was trying an immunosuppressant drug and I didn't feel like that was my answer. 


This is when I started playing detective or nutrition-super-scientist. I dove into the research and starting tweaking my nutrition. I won't go through details here but fast-forward to today and I'm psoriasis-free (with no medications). I learned to use the power of food and lifestyle and I finally understood why I developed it in the first place (many light bulb moments). I understood the root cause!


Addressing the root cause of my psoriasis changed my life and after that experience, I dove into training in Dietetics and Integrative Medicine! My passion is to partner with clients and teach them not only what their body needs but why it matters specifically to them and how to merge it with their reality of daily life. Food is powerful medicine when you know how to use it!

Here’s to health,

~ Robyn

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