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Registered Dietitian &

Health Strategist


 Registered Dietitian &

Health Coach

Mel is a Registered Dietitian and mama of two. Her small town Georgia roots are evident in her incredibly caring heart and her subtle accent. 


Mel’s mission is to help you find the clearest, most grace-filled path to begin wellness. She’s an asset to this health team (and your results team) to help you follow through on everything we plan and strategize on together. We value accountability and coaching here because studies show it benefits you. 


The American Society of Training and Development found that you have a 65% increase chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone (that’s us). To take that a step further, if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to, you’ll increase your chance of success by up to 95%... NINETY FIVE PERCENT. We know you’re committing to us, so we won’t let this be another program you invest in and do nothing with. We do the work together around here and Mel is a big part of the coaching process to help you win.


 Registered Dietitian, Clear Skin Lab Coach & Client Happiness Assistant 

Carolyn is a Registered Dietitian and lives in Kansas City. She’s behind the scenes of quite literally everything that goes on at The Clear Skin Lab. She is just finishing up her dietetic internship. Like us, she values real food and believes in a functional medicine approach to health. She looooves learning and takes such good care of our clients and members. We love her. You’ll love her.

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