My Natural Skincare Routine

It has taken a few years to fully transition my skincare and makeup products to natural versions (that I like and that work for me). After battling psoriasis for years and learning the importance of caring for the body from the inside out, I admittedly didn’t give my topicals enough attention.

The more I learned about toxicants & endocrine disruptors and the negative effects they can have on hormones and health, the more attention I gave to the toxicant exposure I have control over.

TBH, I didn’t really start acting like an adult with my skin until age 28. I literally slept with makeup on way too often and had to clue about shady product ingredients. The only thing I did right most of my 20’s was use topical oils (more on that later).

I’m going to outline the skincare and makeup products I use today (03/2020). I aim to be a resource but of course, I don’t claim that my routine will be your best match and #disclaimer I'm a dietitian, not an esthetician.

My skin type: I trend towards dry skin & if stressed and not taking supportive nutrients, I’ll experience minor pre-period acne spots. Otherwise, no other current issues and no botox. Trying that natural tightening route, ya know? I’ve had a few holistic facials to help guide me on topicals too. I've also met with a Certified Advanced Aesthetician for an assessment.

Ok, I’ll get to the deets you want.

My natural skincare routine:

This is a combination of what I learned from my experts and some of my own research.


Without properly cleansing your skin, the rest of your skincare routine is kinda...well, blah. Applying moisturizer on top of dirty skin won’t allow your skin to properly breathe or repair.

Double cleansing is a popular Korean method and IMO, it’s magic. It breaks up bacteria, dissolves buildup, blackheads and it even removes waterproof makeup effectively.

Got oily skin? Don’t freak out. Like dissolves like. The perk of using oil is it absorbs the oil on your skin and from your makeup. Water, however, repels so water based products won’t grab the gunk you want off. So, oil first. Then, you follow with an actual cleanser. Hence, the double cleansing name.

Try to avoid pulling the face when wiping the oil off or drying after cleansing. Instead, pat dry. I loooove using these microfiber clothes. Wet the cloth and save the water mess with face washing.

Products I use:


BHA toner acts to “unglue” bonds holding dead skin. Then, skin can naturally shed its cells. Plus this helps take off any extra makeup that’s still around. Toner is a big deal for preventing acne, diminishing wrinkles, creating and firmer looking skin. There are many different types of acids and strength level so if you have a lot of acne issues, you may want a stronger or different type of acid.

Product I use:


Serums are where some real magic lies. If you’re going to invest money into your skincare, prioritize serums and oils. Studies show individuals with acne have lower antioxidant levels. So in addition to eating a healthy diet, topical antioxidants can make a massive difference for your skin. I've listed the ones I use and if you can only start with one, get yourself a quality vitamin C serum!

Product I use:


I use a zinc oxide sunscreen. The estheticians I’ve seen do not mess around with this recommendation. Save your future skin with sunscreen but don’t poison it with a chemical loaded version.

Product I use:


Lastly, (always last) is oils. Oils are everything! Your skin needs the right balance of fatty acids. Yes, in your diet but also topically. FYI, when first using oil or changing your routine, you can go through a purging phase. That’s normal as the oil gets into sebaceous glands and helps clean ya out. I use squalene oil mostly but there are many good omega 6 oils (argan, sunflower, grapeseed, borage).

Products I use:


Products I use:


We live in Bend, Oregon and it’s currently winter which means it’s dry AF here. Right now, I add a night cream to my routine.

Hydration products I rotate in sometimes:

Summary: Morning Routine

Listed in order of application


  • I double cleanse at night & just rinse face in the morning


  • I don't use a morning toner but if you did, it would go here.




Summary: Evening Routine

Listed in order of application




OIL [always the last step]


Linking everything I am using right now. is also an excellent clean makeup line.

Detox Market also has a ton of brands and ability to sample products at a small price first.

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