All services listed below begin with a short application call to make sure we're a good fit first!


As a private client, we'll partner together to discover the root cause(s) of your health concerns and symptoms. We then utilize diet and lifestyle strategies to resolve them. This is a whole-body healing approach (read more about my approach here). One-on-one coaching the most in-depth, comprehensive and high accessibility option to work together. It also provides the most individualized customization & support. 

A genetics analysis is a 90 minute appointment to review your raw genetic related to the most evidence-based nutritional SNPs. We utilize your DNA along with your primary health concerns and symptoms to create a personalized plan. You will be provided with specific lifestyle and dietary interventions related to methylation, detoxification, neurotransmitter metabolism and additional SNPs that are tied to nutrition. Your genes are your tendency not your destiny so with this information you can implement strategies to lead your healthiest life.

These appointments are $250 for a 90 minute genetic review & personalized recommendations based on results.

Not sure if you need a full personalized nutrition plan but want help reading labs or getting direction on what steps to take to improve your health? I got you. If you were recently diagnosed with a condition and are seeking guidance on where to start to support yourself OR if you have a solid nutrition foundation but want advice on consolidating all the information you have, this may be the best place to start! 


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