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Infertility to Successful Pregnancy (x2)

"Essentially all of my symptoms went away…

“I had suffered from migraines since I was 17 years old. I had also been struggling with gastrointestinal issues for several months without much relief. Up until about a year ago, I could eat whatever I wanted without much trouble. Out of nowhere, I became sensitive to sugars, lots of different breads and carbs and almost all alcoholic beverages. I was finally ready to figure out what was going on, and I was hopeful that Robyn might be able to help.

I met with her and we talked about all the issues I was having, and she suggested that I cut out certain foods for 6 weeks plus had me add some extra nutrients. I was pretty intimidated by the idea of cutting out so many things from my diet, but I was willing to try anything. Within a few days, I already started to feel better. I was able to finish a full meal without feeling bloated. I quit having stomach pains after my meals. I quit having upset stomachs and migraines throughout the day. Within a couple of months, essentially all of my symptoms went away. I have learned what I can tolerate and what I can’t. My migraines are few and far between (because I know my triggers but sometimes want them anyways) and my GI issues have cleared up.

I honestly never thought I would be able to cut out certain foods from my diet but Robyn made it fairly easy to do. Her explanations and awesome recipes made it a no-brainer. There were definitely some days where all I want things I shouldn’t have, but I just remember how awful it would make me feel and I powered through! I am feeling so much better, my husband says my mood has improved, and I am continuing to experiment with new recipes each week! I am so grateful to have asked for Robyn’s help and taken the leap to improve my health.”

- B. Austin (27 year old female)

"Since I started working with Robyn I have lost 40 pounds.  She has given me the tools to eat healthy and I don’t feel like I’m on a diet but on a journey to feeling better.  I know why I eat what I eat and that is different from other programs I have tried before.  I started with the Nutrition recharge and made delicious meals that my whole family loved.  Robyn takes the guess work out of everything from which specific oils to use for cooking to what products to buy organic.  Plus she tailored a meal plan just for me and included specific supplements based on my lab tests.  My triglyceride level is now normal and I even stopped taking my statin.

Robyn also cares about and has guided me through the emotional part of eating. I will continue to learn from Robyn and will rely on her for years to come because she has taught me that what I eat affects my immune system, the inflammation in my body and even my memory. 

I feel so fortunate to have found Robyn. I would encourage you to commit to this program because it will change your life. It has changed mine. I have spent 20 years trying weight loss programs or just giving up and eating whatever I wanted and now I don't just know what I am doing but I know why and I love it!

Thanks Robyn!"

- M. Hoffman (54 year old female)

"I am a 59 year-old male in very good shape and in generally good health.  I first saw Robyn for 2 reasons:  I was spending a lot of money on supplements, but I was not sure that I was taking the right supplements and I have had irritable bowel syndrome on and off for 30 years.  In addition, I had started getting some allergies in the fall over the past couple of years that I was taking medicines for – some of which included steroids.


Robyn had me fill out a detailed questionnaire on my diet, supplements, health history, physical activity, etc. before our first meeting.  When we met it was clear she had read it over and analyzed it carefully. She asked several questions and created my initial plan.

The results have been great! I no longer have any irritable bowel symptoms. All of my allergy symptoms have completely gone away since I made the changes that Robyn recommended.

Robyn has been great to work with. I emailed her often with questions and she always responded promptly.  In addition, she is very cost conscious. When making recommendations, she always considers and informs me of the relative costs, and provided suggestions for places to purchase items at lower costs. I highly recommend Robyn for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and nutrition."

- C. Morris (59 year old male)

"Over the years, our now 14 year old son got sick more often than most… But until this past school year, not enough to cause tremendous concern. This year, we hit a pattern we couldn’t break and missed months of school. While every doctor that we saw certainly wanted to help us, none had answers. This included some at very well known institutions like Mayo clinic. I’m certain that some of the medicines that were prescribed only worsened his health over the years. Fortunately, we were referred to Robyn through a family member.


In our first meeting, she asked us a myriad of detailed questions about his history. Her thoughts were that since so many medical issues had been ruled out, we should rebuild his gut & immune system and conduct tests that she ordered, to identify the specific causes. Robyn started us on a path of supplementation and dietary changes while we awaited those test results. Within weeks, the symptoms faded away, before we even had the test results. And her instincts on the test results were accurate – two of her primary suspicions were both validated in the testing.


Robyn continues to refine his supplementation and diet, in order to focus on what the tests showed us. Its early still as we are about 2-3 months in to this, but we are very optimistic about the future. In fact, our whole family is gradually changing our way of eating, and we view this experience as a blessing for all of our future health."


- K. Sparrow (father of 14 year old male)

"I have eaten healthy most of my adult life. However, in 2015 I went through some life changes and as a small business owner I experienced some very stressful times with my business. Over the last 9 months I have been battling an increase in stress and fatigue (sleeping 10-12 hours a day). As someone who lives a very busy lifestyle my new normal was not acceptable. I visited several conventional medical practitioners without success; while my labs were viewed as "within normal limits", I felt anything but normal. 


A friend had suggested I visit Robyn - once I read about her background and did my free 30 min consultation I knew she would be able to help me. When she started talking about neurotransmitter pathways and amino acids at the cellular level I knew she wouldn't disregard what I was experiencing!


After my first visit, I felt as if she understood what I was feeling and did not discount anything I had said. Once we had the labs done that she had requested we were able to get to the root of many problems and start making changes. After a few weeks I started to feel more normal - suddenly I was sleeping soundly and actively participating in my life. I was laughing more and realized I'm back to being me. I'm happy, less stressed, and no longer plagued with fatigue. I now have more energy and have been able to workout, be successful in my business, and enjoy my personal life once again. 


Robyn is compassionate, encouraging, very patient, offers great resources to help through this transition, and was great at breaking down the science of my labs to explain them to me on a level that I understood. I am happy that I spent the money on my labs and on a package with Robyn - it definitely was money well spent. You can't put a price on happiness or on health, and this was a worthy investment.  


- Jocelyn (39 year old female)

"Near the end of 2015, I asked Robyn for advice on how to go about cleaning up my diet. After following her instructions for three weeks, I had to reach out to her once again with a small problem – my clothes weren’t fitting right due to the fact I’d already lost 17 pounds! As someone who works in the fitness industry and is fairly active, I had no idea I was carrying that much excess weight. After dialing things back a bit and making some modifications, I’ve found a perfectly healthy diet that’s suitable for my lifestyle. That’s what Robyn is ultimately all about, finding what works best for you. Because of that, I would highly recommend her services to anybody regardless of their current situation."


- D. Justice (28 year old male)

"I came to Robyn primarily for help with fatigue. I'm a dietitian myself, so my diet is healthy yet I was experiencing extreme fatigue, stress and trouble concentrating. Sometimes it's hard to be objective when it comes to ourselves and Robyn was great at helping me navigate my symptoms and recognizing ones I wasn't aware of. Micronutrient testing revealed almost a dozen deficiencies and genetic analysis revealed clues as to why these deficiencies may have been occurring. I began a supplement regimen and several dietary tweaks and within a few months my energy had started to come back! Also critical to my recovery were the books and meditation tools Robyn provided to ease stress. 


Genetic analysis definitely changed the way I view my health?! :) Having information as to how my body specifically functions changed everything. It made me more aware of which foods are beneficial and not beneficial to me as an individual. It gave me answers to questions I had always had about my personal health and why I noticed certain symptoms associated with foods that had no reaction in other people.


As a dietitian, I've always believed nutrition to be highly individual. Adding genetic information to the toolbox takes individualizing nutrition a step further. As much as I learned about myself through this process, my biggest takeaway has been the inspiration to learn more about genetics myself in order to better serve my clients."


- T. T. (31 year old female)

"I was referred by Robyn by a friend and wanted to see if I could take a nutritional approach to diminishing the severe allergy season I experience every spring. Robyn was incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, gut health and allergies. Our goal was to see if I could experience a decrease in symptoms and use of traditional treatments (steroids, inhalers, etc) during the peak months of March-May.

WOW!!! We did it—I’m almost through allergy season and I’ve not had any severe symptoms I have not had to take steroids or use inhalers and I’ve been able to maintain my exercise schedule.

Robyn is through, professional and an expert in her field. I am beyond thrilled with the results and taking my gut health to a whole new level of wellness. Robyn is one of the best practitioners I’ve met! I am so grateful!"


- D. P. (63 year old female)

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