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[Ulcerative colitis, anxiety, low energy]

I was frustrated with my health and tired all the time. I wanted to manage my anxiety and ulcerative colitis. The medication I was taking would work for a while but then it needed to be increased to maintain remission. Before this program, I had spent a year cleaning up my nutrition, my personal care products and my environment without seeing a meaningful shift. Since working with Robyn, I have been off my anxiety medication for almost a year and off immunosuppressants for 6 months while maintaining remission! I have consistent energy instead of peaks and valleys. My immune system is recovering and doing what is suppose to do. I have made it through helping my kids through 2 rounds of sinus infections and strep throat this fall without contracting either. In the past I would have been sick for weeks.


Robyn took a very personalized approach to my treatment plan. She wanted to understand my past habits as well as current to help identify any underlying causes. We worked within the boundaries of what I could commit to from a personal and financial lens when developing my care plan. I feel like I have my life back! When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 5 years ago, I felt like I was sentenced to a lifetime of immune suppressants which left me sick and feeling tired and unable to be present as a wife and mother. My dad and sister both have autoimmune diseases and I felt guilty knowing that my kids are genetically predisposed as well. I now know that's not true. I'm breaking the legacy and redefining what health is for my family and there is no bigger gift than that. I am truly thankful.

~ Martha H. (37 year old female)

[amenorrhea, acne, eczema]


I was chronically fatigued and frustrated with hormone issues. I had been trying to regulate hormones so that I could get my period back and stop having skin issues like acne and eczema. Since working with Robyn, I’ve had a regular period for the first time in 10 years! My eczema has cleared up and I no longer need prescription acne medication! I also have more energy than I’ve ever had. My confidence and quality of life have increased because of my skin clearing up. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition but also just about health as a whole. If you’re on the edge about working with Robyn. Think about all the money, time and energy you have invested in trying other solutions. Consider it an investment in your health, your future and your happiness!

~Sarah M. (26 year old female)

[depression, anxiety, digestion issues]


I wanted to address my life long cycle of depression and very high anxiety. I was comfort eating almost continuously and had no energy. I felt like I was in a pit. I also had significant digestive issues. Robyn explained her process clearly up front and we decided together if we thought the process was for me. She took my in-depth case history and really listened to what I had to say. I always felt heard when I talked with her. She made recommendations for testing and provided interpretations of the results. Her treatment recommendations were explained thoroughly both in the why and the how. She always answers questions promptly and when I ran into issues, she was there to support me. She listens to what I say about how I’m feeling and uses it diagnostically to make tweaks in the treatment plan which is a sign of a really good clinician. 


Since working with Robyn, my mood has been vastly improved and stabilized. My energy is on the upswing. My gut/digestion issues have greatly diminished and as a side benefit, I lost over 15 pounds. I am much more informed about overall health, learned about root causes of my issues as well as seen the positive impact of appropriate food choices and supervised supplementation.


After suffering for so long with persistent cycles of depression, all I can say is that I have finally found joy! I am amazed to wake up every day with a smile on my face. To find out that my symptoms did have a root cause and could be treated through proper supplementation and functional lifestyle changes was very validating. My long distance family have noticed a huge change just in hearing the energy in my voice. At home, family and friends have seen an increase in my enthusiasm and willingness to engage and participate in activities. 


I have been given tools to improve my life by looking at how various aspects of health all work together to support a healthy lifestyle. Honestly, this is the best money I have ever spent. Finding out that life doesn’t have to be so hard is invaluable. If you are willing to listen to Robyn, she will listen to you. If you are willing to learn from her, you will learn from your own body

~Hilary R. (63 year old female)

[hypoglycemia, low energy]


Before working with Robyn I was struggling with hypoglycemia and having energy to complete daily activities and working out. The content Robyn posted on Instagram first gave me insight to her expertise. I reached out because I wanted to take a functional approach to improve my health. Robyn was easy to work with throughout the whole process (even working thousands of miles apart)!  She was also very responsive to any questions.


Since completing the program, I’ve had a significant increase in my energy levels, hypoglycemia is non-existent, decrease in bloating and I’ve started exercising consistently again. I’ve also learned more about the needs of my body and what I can do to support my overall health. Once I started feeling an increase in my energy, I felt like a new person. I hadn’t realized how much better I would feel. After all of this, I feel like I am functioning with all cylinders rather than a few!


Robyn is knowledgeable, professional, and a wonderful educator in improving health. The benefits I have experienced have been worth the time, energy, and money spent. Working with her is a proactive action aimed at improving your health now rather than waiting to react to symptoms that significantly impact your daily life! 

~Jessica D. (33 year old female)

[ovarian cysts, bloating, brain fog, fatigue]


Before starting this program I was struggling with low moods (depression like), low energy, severe brain fog, gut issues, constant bloating, hormone imbalance & just felt lost. 

Robyn stood out because of her compassion. I knew we would be a great fit because she was just as passionate about finding the root cause of my issues as I was. She really listens, and most importantly, she understands bio-individuality. Working with her has been like the missing piece to my health puzzle. I now have a better understanding of my health and symptoms. I’ve cleared a ton of my gut stuff, gotten off birth control  & made massive changes with my hormones! And I can’t stop staring at my husband again.


Working with Robyn has been a dream. It’s like working with your BFF (but in a professional way, of course)! Someone who listens, someone who cares, someone who fights for you. Not once has she ever made my feelings or concerns feel invalid. She takes the time to answer all questions, and always thoroughly goes over labs results. Her knowledge in hormone health surpasses that of any doctor I have ever spoken to. She really focuses on all aspects of your life, not just the symptoms. She takes the time to suggest things that will benefit your daily life, in a realistic, achievable way. The best thing I ever did was choose to take action NOW! One way or another, we will have to pay for our health, whether today or in the future.

~Ashley K. (31 year old female)

[PCOS, stopping birth control]


When starting, I was a little concerned with how we were going to fix the issues that I knew I had.  I was trying to get off birth control, improve my symptoms of PCOS and hair loss. I was very eager and excited to get started. I love finding ways to combat health and to improve overall well being. Robyn goes deep into what problems could be rather than masking the problems. She sets you up to live a long and youthful life. We achieved most of the major goals we set out to improve  [smoothly got off birth control with zero PCOS symptoms]. I have learned so much about overall health and misleading trends that the internet can tell you. My experience with Robyn has been very positive and educational. I am very happy I took the leap to get involved her program.

~Maggie G. (23 year old female)

[psoriasis, fatigue, bloating]

I was exhausted and defeated with trying to figure my health out on my own. My goals were to heal my psoriasis and my gut. Robyn stood out because her approach to healing the natural/holistic way and not with prescription drugs. Working with her has been awesome!! It's been super easy from the beginning to talk via phone or email. She is full of knowledge and truly wants to see her clients thrive in the most healthy way. 


Since starting this program, I’ve seen results of healing my psoriasis (progress pics within 2 weeks below). I have a better relationship with food. I just feel better overall. More energy. Normal menstrual cycle (added perk that I didn't expect). I also know what to do when I have a flare-up. I had a great overall great experience! If you’re on the edge of investing in this program, I’d tell you to just do it! You will not be disappointed. Your health is worth every penny. Invest in yourself! 


~ Ashley P. (37 year old female)

[migraines and stomach pains]

“I had suffered from migraines since I was 17 years old. I had also been struggling with gastrointestinal issues for several months without much relief. Up until about a year ago, I could eat whatever I wanted without much trouble. Out of nowhere, I became sensitive to sugars, lots of different breads and carbs and almost all alcoholic beverages. I was finally ready to figure out what was going on, and I was hopeful that Robyn might be able to help.

I met with her and we talked about all the issues I was having, and she suggested that I cut out certain foods for 6 weeks plus had me add some extra nutrients. I was pretty intimidated by the idea of cutting out so many things from my diet, but I was willing to try anything. Within a few days, I already started to feel better. I was able to finish a full meal without feeling bloated. I quit having stomach pains after my meals. I quit having upset stomachs and migraines throughout the day. Within a couple of months, essentially all of my symptoms went away. I have learned what I can tolerate and what I can’t. My migraines are few and far between (because I know my triggers but sometimes want them anyways) and my GI issues have cleared up.

I honestly never thought I would be able to cut out certain foods from my diet but Robyn made it fairly easy to do. Her explanations and awesome recipes made it a no-brainer. There were definitely some days where all I want things I shouldn’t have, but I just remember how awful it would make me feel and I powered through! I am feeling so much better, my husband says my mood has improved, and I am continuing to experiment with new recipes each week! I am so grateful to have asked for Robyn’s help and taken the leap to improve my health.”

- B. Austin (27 year old female)

[anxiety and fatigue]


"I have eaten healthy most of my adult life. However, in 2015 I went through some life changes and as a small business owner I experienced some very stressful times with my business. Over the last 9 months I have been battling an increase in stress and fatigue (sleeping 10-12 hours a day). As someone who lives a very busy lifestyle my new normal was not acceptable. I visited several conventional medical practitioners without success; while my labs were viewed as "within normal limits", I felt anything but normal. 


A friend had suggested I visit Robyn - once I read about her background and did my free 30 min consultation I knew she would be able to help me. When she started talking about neurotransmitter pathways and amino acids at the cellular level I knew she wouldn't disregard what I was experiencing!


After my first visit, I felt as if she understood what I was feeling and did not discount anything I had said. Once we had the labs done that she had requested we were able to get to the root of many problems and start making changes. After a few weeks I started to feel more normal - suddenly I was sleeping soundly and actively participating in my life. I was laughing more and realized I'm back to being me. I'm happy, less stressed, and no longer plagued with fatigue. I now have more energy and have been able to workout, be successful in my business, and enjoy my personal life once again. 


Robyn is compassionate, encouraging, very patient, offers great resources to help through this transition, and was great at breaking down the science of my labs to explain them to me on a level that I understood. I am happy that I spent the money on my labs and on a package with Robyn - it definitely was money well spent. You can't put a price on happiness or on health, and this was a worthy investment.  


- Jocelyn (39 year old female)

[bloating, weight loss resistance, painful PMS]


I felt hopeless. I was bloated and gassy all the time. I was gaining weight despite my best efforts and felt awful in my own skin. Additionally, I was struggling with hormonal imbalances and digestive issues. Robyn really listened to me and took note of symptoms before providing a protocol. She considered all possible problems and left nothing uncovered so she could get to the root cause. 

Since completing the program with her, I feel like I have more control over my health and am less stressed! I have better hormone balance, energy, and mindset. Robyn helped me change my mindset about nutrition, body image and stress. I loved working with her. She's so cool and professional and made me feel comfortable right away. I thought I was doing all the things but she helped me take a step back and reevaluate what true health means. This will affect my work, relationships, and how I begin single everyday!

~Tammy P. (37 year old female)

[fatigue, brain fog, low moods]


"I came to Robyn primarily for help with fatigue. I'm a dietitian myself, so my diet is healthy yet I was experiencing extreme fatigue, stress and trouble concentrating. Sometimes it's hard to be objective when it comes to ourselves and Robyn was great at helping me navigate my symptoms and recognizing ones I wasn't aware of. Micronutrient testing revealed almost a dozen deficiencies and genetic analysis revealed clues as to why these deficiencies may have been occurring. I began a supplement regimen and several dietary tweaks and within a few months my energy had started to come back! Also critical to my recovery were the books and meditation tools Robyn provided to ease stress. 


Genetic analysis definitely changed the way I view my health?! :) Having information as to how my body specifically functions changed everything. It made me more aware of which foods are beneficial and not beneficial to me as an individual. It gave me answers to questions I had always had about my personal health and why I noticed certain symptoms associated with foods that had no reaction in other people.


As a dietitian, I've always believed nutrition to be highly individual. Adding genetic information to the toolbox takes individualizing nutrition a step further. As much as I learned about myself through this process, my biggest takeaway has been the inspiration to learn more about genetics myself in order to better serve my clients."


- T. T. (31 year old female)

Bri Berner

Amenorrhea, fatigue, poor sleep, acne

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