Zucchini Cashew Soup

Serves: 2



  • 2 large or 4 small zucchinis (cut into chunks, steamed)

  • ½  cup raw cashews

  • Mineralized salt

  • Bragg Liquid Aminos (or coconut aminos)

  • Other herbs as desired (ex: basil, dill, herbamare, parsley, etc)




  1. Soak cashews for 1 hour (just enough water to cover them). Drain and add to blender.

  2. Combine steamed zucchini, salt and/or aminos.

  3. Mix until smooth.

  4. Adjust seasonings as desired. May add water or broth for different consistency.

  5. Pour into saucepan and reheat gently (optional). Can also be served cold.

  6. For chunky soup, add steamed chopped veggies (broccoli, cabbage, etc.)



Recipe adapted by Robyn Johnson, RDN from Beachbody recipes

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